How do you use magic?
Take this quiz to find out!

1. Let's start off easy. Male or female??


2. And where do you/would you like to live?

In a city
A smaller town or suburb
Out in the country
A shack in the woods (ok, maybe not even a shack)

3. How well do you get along with others?

I like to keep to myself.
People tend to shun me.
I get along with those of my own kind.
I've got good people skills.
Everywhere I go, people follow me around. I've even got groupies!

4. How about pets?

If that thing comes near me, I swear I'll shoot it.
So long as they're not mine, I don't really care.
I have a few pets.
Great! They follow me around!
I believe animals should be free.

5. What's your dream job?

Guide/park ranger.
Environmental conservationalist.

6. And clothes are best used to:

Cover yourself.
Keep warm
Identify yourself
Keep you safe

7. Ok, onto magic-related questions. How did you learn to use it?

It comes naturally.
It was given to me, like a gift.
Through intense studying and teachings.
It basically came with or was necessary for my job.

8. Besides magic, what's your best talent?

Tracking and hunting.
My charm.
... Besides magic?!?

9. If it came down to it, how good would you be with a sword?

I'd probably hurt myself.
I usually can defend myself long enough to run.
I can hold my own.
I've kicked some ass back in my day.
My sword skill is known far and wide as "simply awesome."

10. And finally, how good are you with a bow?

Um, I can tie one in my shoes...
Just don't stand too close when I shoot one.
I can usually hit the target.
I've won a few archery contests.
Robin Hood ain't got nothin' on me!

Questions and answers © 2002 Brimo.

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