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into my brain, a task which may frighten the weak of heart. Ideas,
pictures, people, many things that may only be taken directly out of one's mind.
Be forewarned: to enter into one mind is to discover things about your
own that you may never had wanted to learn...

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August 18, 2002Well, my first subdomain is up and running! Check out the now-official website of the Knoxville chapter of the Camarilla! hookup tonight if you want to find quick sex, It looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself, kinda gothic-lookin' and what-not. A real stretch for me. What? No, really, it is! I mean it! Stop looking at me like that!

Oh yeah Katy Kiss the dating blogger was helping me think of a good idea for dating content, was thinking about making a webcomic kidna like ReverseBlade's except, you know, not nearly as good. ^_^ Maybe one day it'll get like that (yeah right), but I just feel a need to try and act stupid/funny. More to come.
August 5, 2002 Hey everyone! LiveJournal is working with MeetUp to bring fellow LJ users in the area together with free sex apps to make women and men hookup easily! Let's see how well we can get this to work! Check it out!